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Welcome to our website - If you have a problem or just want updating on anything to do with wood pallets, frames, agricultural boxes, exporting using timber cases, or the softwoods or hardwoods used around the world for these products, you will probably find it covered here. Two hundred datasheets and some sixty pages are viewable free to all members of TIMCON, NAPD and Palletlink just using your password. If you can't find what you are after, just email us the query and we will help with a personalised answer. All free.

This free service now includes pallet pools, nail suppliers and timber suppliers.

PalletLink offers independent advice on the technical aspects of pallets and packaging. We analyse failures, we comment on moisture issues, we offer alternative component dimensions, we can solve most problems in the field of pallets and packaging. Note that we dont sell or manufacture pallets, packaging or software.

PalletLink is funded by member subscriptions only, we take no advertising. 

Saving of time is the main value of membership for many. Difficult technical questions asked by your customers, pallet users, exporters or warehouse operators, can waste considerable time, but not if you pass them to PalletLink. If you pass them to us you can continue uninterrupted with your sales, admin or production tasks and you or your enquirer will receive a detailed e-mailed answer. So make your password known to your staff and point out that the email query service is free.

Entering a keyword into Quick-Search above takes you well on the way or even brings up the answer (try it now, you dont have to be a member to search) try these keywords - collapse, safe loading, species, chemical, taint, moisture damage, fire, heat treatment, ISPM15, sapstain, food taint, environment, testing, grading etc...

We are recognized as a trusted source, we run the technical hotline service for TIMCON and NAPD the two UK wood packaging associations.

As a taster for non members we have a small selection of datasheets on the site - titles in red are freely downloadable - click to download. 


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