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The information given here is for major European pallet pools and European exchange pallets, with emphasis on UK operators. A limited number of other pools and exchange pallets are dealt with in appropriate pages such as PACIFIC ASIA and NORTH AMERICA. The information given here is general. For detailed information such as safe loads you should approach the pool operators/proprietors, or visit their websites.

Pallet pool terminology - a one way trip system - is where the pool operator delivers pallets to the hirer. The hirer ships the pallets carrying the hirers product to customers and informs the pool operator when and where the pallets have been shipped to, the operator arranges to collect the empty pallets. Once returned to the depot the pallets are inspected and repaired if necessary, before starting the cycle again.

LPR rental pool pallet

LPR (Logistic Packaging Return)rental palletone way trip system - colour red – LPR UK tel 01527 523311 - - one of the largest rental pools which commenced in the UK in 2002. LPR originated from the French pool - La Palette Rouge (red pallet) which was originally operated alongside LPV - La Palette Vert (green pallet), and an exchange version LPO - La Palette Orange. LPR HQ remains in France but the manufacturing quality of LPR UK pallets is controlled from within the UK with pallet sizes 1000 x 1200, 1200 x 1000 and 800 x 1200 plus 3 versions of the 600 x 800 half pallet (Dusseldorfer).

Chep (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool)rental pallet – colour blue - UK tel 01932 850085 - the forerunner of national pallet pools originating from the Brambles pool of Australia in the 1950s and now the largest rental pool. GKN Chep was established in the UK in 1975 starting with the most common UK size of 1200 x 1000mm. A main reason for starting operations in the UK at that time rather than elsewhere in Europe, was that there was no significant rental or exchange scheme nor much use of the Europallet. Known by everybody as 'Chep' their pallets are available in several sizes from the ‘half-pallet’ up to the common 1200 x 1000mm size.

IPP Logipalrental palletone way trip system - colour brown – UK tel 01676 524000 - part of the Faber Halbertsma Group, one of Europe’s largest pallet producers and also amongst the largest European pallet pools. Having gained a strong position in Europe the IPP pallet was established in the UK & Ireland in 2005. It offers coverage across the UK & Ireland and is accepted by retail supply-chains. Logipal pallets are available as 1000 x 1200 and 800 x 1000 in the UK & Ireland and a wider range of sizes across continental Europe.

CP (Chemical pallet) - exchange scheme – no colour I/D - UK tel. see 11n below - the range managed by APME commenced with 5 types/sizes in 1991, by 1993 a total of 9 types/sizes CP1 to CP9 were available. Principally aimed at the chemical and polymer producers (members of APME) but not taken up in the UK as early as other European countries due to the strength of the UK ICI (Chemicals) pallet exchange scheme. The CP range was originally designed to last for about 5 trips with different users/owners, but now tends to last longer; it is now widely used outside the chemical and polymer industries due to a good choice of sizes. Manufacturers are licensed to produce the CP range (see Datasheet 12b) but note that unlike the Europallet, there is no independent 3rd party control of manufacturing quality, such as nail size, wood species and thickness.

PRS (Pallet Return System)rental palletone way trip system - colour green - UK tel 01562 742540 - part of the Faber Halbertsma Group, it commenced in 1997. The PRS pallet range is identical in size and design to the CP pallet range, for example CP4 = PRS4. The CP and PRS pallets are both designed and specified by APME. However, PRS pallets are stronger than CP pallets, as PRS do not use weak deciduous species in construction (eg. alder and poplar). PRS UK offers PRS4, 7, 8 & 9 to rent. Manufacturers are licensed to produce the PRS range which now extends across Europe to Turkey.

Europallet - exchange scheme – no colour I/D - for UK tel. see 11n below - the oldest exchange scheme with a distinctive copyrighted ‘EUR’  logo/symbol. Until recently the Europallet was only available as a single size wood pallet 800 x 1200mm and one steel 800 x 1200 box-pallet. More recently a 600 x 800 half-pallet, 1000 x 1200 open-base skid type and a 1200 x 1000 full-perimeter base pallet can be supplied. Manufacturing quality is now controlled by EPAL which operates in most European countries, plus a very small number of suppliers in China, India and USA. A European (CEN) standard EN 13698-1 has been published with an almost identical specification to the Europallet, but the standard of quality, dimensions and essential logo is not controlled by CEN and the EN pallet cannot be described or sold as a 'Europallet'. Further details on copyright, exchange rules and practical European border controls see Datasheet 11m below; for purchase and disposal see Datasheet 11n.  

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PDF11b Europe and the Europallet. (PDF 72kb)
PDF11c Maximum safe loading for EPAL 800 x 1200 Europallet. (PDF 62kb)
PDF11m EPAL registration marking and exchange of Europallets. (PDF 73kb)
PDF11n UIC EURO v EPAL EURO – quality and exchange issues. (PDF 124kb)
PDF12a All 9 CPpallets illustrated (PDF 38kb)
PDF12b Registering for CP (Chemical Pallets) manufacture. (PDF 69kb)
PDF12c Safe working loads for CP pallets in racking. (PDF 117kb)
PDF12e CP pallet weights in two popular species. (PDF 15kb)
PDF14b Chep 1200 x 1000mm 4-way entry pallet specification. (PDF 39kb)
PDF15f Heavy brewery pallet French spec 1000 x 1200 (pallet lourde brasserie). (PDF 20kb)
PDF16p US Military 2 & 4 way, wing, flush, block and stringer pallets. (PDF 79kb)
PDF30a LIST OF MAIN BS EN ISO PALLET standards. (PDF 115kb)
PDF53a Nailing pattern for the EPAL-UIC 800 x 1200 Europallet. (PDF 19kb)
PDF65a APME Chemical Pallet CP specifications - CP specs CP1 to CP9 (PDF 679kb)
PDF65b APME Pallet Return System specifications PRS 3 to PRS 9 v 2003 (PDF 678kb)
PDF79f CP Chemical industry pallets wood quality requirements. (PDF 53kb)
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